Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I save a recipe from the web?

Please see our short video:

How can I synchronise different devices with Inspiced?

If you want to use Inspiced on multiple devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad), please make sure you download Inspiced on all your devices and sign in with the same email address and authentication method across devices.

For example if you signed in in your iPhone using Sign in with Apple then you must sign in in your iPad using Sign in with Apple under the same iCloud account that you use in your iPhone. The same applies when using Google Sign-in or email and password.

Where can I see the recipes from friends?

You can only see the recipes from friends or family when they share their link with you. If they did and you accepted the invitation the recipes are displayed in the discovery section at the bottom.

How can I publish recipes on my wall?

Please see our short video:

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