Recipe Tip: Cherry Traybake

Recipe Tip: Cherry Traybake

Top Recipe by Julian Kutos. All ingredients and tips for getting it right. Wonderfully succulent, this classic traybake tastes of summer - Julian Kutos shows how to make it in no time at all.



    1. Step 1

      Pit the cherries and marinate in cherry brandy and vanilla sugar (or vanilla essence).
    2. Step 2

      Preheat oven to 170°C. Remove the butter from the refrigerator and let it soften. Separate eggs.
    3. Step 3

      Cream the butter with egg yolks, salt, rum and half the sugar. Sift the baking powder and flour. Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff.
    4. Step 4

      Fold the beaten egg whites and flour into the rest of the mixture and stir very gently.
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