Recipe Tip: Swiss Cheese Fondue

Recipe Tip: Swiss Cheese Fondue

Top Recipe for 4 Persons. All ingredients and tips for getting it right. Cheese fondue is not a dish for single households – the dish is made for sharing and it needs a convivial crowd. This recipe from the Fondue Academy in Gruyère, Switzerland, is the real deal, made with the proper local cheeses. It makes just the right amount for four people.



    1. Step 1

      Rub the inside of the fondue dish (called a caquelon) with the clove of garlic (this step is optional, according to taste).
    2. Step 2

      Gently heat the white wine in the caquelon.
    3. Step 3

      Add the two types of cheese and the cornflour and mix to combine.
    4. Step 4

      Put the caquelon over medium heat and mix, stirring constantly, until the cheeses have melted. Don't let it overheat.
    5. Step 5

      Enjoy with bread or potatoes in a nice round.
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