Christmas pithiviers with roasted cabbage

Christmas pithiviers with roasted cabbage

Gruyere and black truffles go perfectly with cabbage. Recipe by Jacopo Romagnoli (Café de la Plage GE, 15/20).



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      Trim all cabbage stems and reserve the leafs for blanching. Thinly slice 1/5 of the cabbages and reserve on the side for the sauce. Blanch for 4-5 minutes all the cabbage leafs, cool them down in ice water and pat them dry.
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      Melt the butter, add the flour and cook for a few minutes. Bring your milk to a boil and add it to your roux while whisking vigorously. Lower the heat and cook your béchamel for around 20 minutes at low heat. Once your béchamel is cooked, add 75 g or grated gruyere and season with salt and pepper. Peel your black truffle and finely chop the outer layer. Add the chopped truffle to the béchamel and remove from the heat in order to cool down. Slice the black truffle thinly, along with the remaining block of gruyere.
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      Dispose a layer of clingfilm inside a medium size bowl. Begin layering all your cabbage leafs in the order you wish, adding a layer of béchamel, sliced truffle and sliced gruyere at every layer. Reserve in the freezer for around 45 minutes while preparing the sauce.
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      Once cooled down, place the dome on a layer of puff pastry, brush its sides with egg white, and cover with another layer of puff pastry. Brush your pithier generously with egg yolk, sprinkle with salt flakes and black pepper. With the help of a small round cutter, make a hole on its top to allow the steam to exit while cooking. Cook for 45 minutes at 180 degrees and allow to rest for at least 20 minutes.
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      Roast 1/3 of the sliced cabbage in the oven until golden brown. Sear the remaining cabbage, sliced oignon, garlic and shallot and in butter and vegetable oil until completely caramelized. Deglaze with beer and once reduced to a syrup consistency add all the vegetable stock. Add spices and bouquet garni. Once reduced to a glaze, take off the heat, add around 15 g of cold butter to emulsify the sauce and season with salt, pepper and vinegar if needed.
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      Once your pithier has cooled down, slice it in 4 to 6 parts, serve it with a generous amount of sauce, and garnish it with some bitter herbs and additional slices of truffle. Can be made the day before.
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      >> The video-recipe here