Recipe Tip: Pasta with Smoked Salmon

Recipe Tip: Pasta with Smoked Salmon

Top Recipe. All ingredients and tips for getting it right. The creamy sauce for this easy-to-rustle-up pasta dish gets a kick from honey-mustard, lemon and dill. A simple, satisfying – and quick – supper.



    1. Step 1

      Heat the oil in the pan, stir in the lemon juice, white wine, honey mustard, cream and crème fraîche and simmer briefly until the sauce has a creamy consistency.
    2. Step 2

      Add the smoked salmon, dill and lemon zest and season with salt and pepper.
    3. Step 3

      Meanwhile, cook the pasta in a large pan of well-salted boiling water until al dente, according to the instructions on the packet. Drain, reserving a ladleful of the pasta water.
    4. Step 4

      Mix the drained pasta into the pan of sauce, adding some of the pasta water, if needed, to loosen the sauce.
    5. Step 5

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