Recipe Tip: Pasta: Fresh Pasta with White Truffles - Falstaff

Recipe Tip: Pasta: Fresh Pasta with White Truffles - Falstaff

Top Recipe by Julian Kutos. All ingredients and tips for getting it right. Pasta al Tartufo is the favorite pasta of the truffle hunters. Julian Kutos and Signora Anna cooked fresh pasta with creamy sauce and the fresh truffle harvest together.



    1. Step 1

      Mix flour with whole eggs and knead to a smooth dough for several minutes. Cover the dough with foil and leave to rest for 1 hour.
    2. Step 2

      Roll out the pasta dough thinly on a floured surface, using a pasta machine or rolling pin roll out to the desired thickness. Then either by hand cut the pasta into the desired shape: linguini or tagliatelle, etc.
    3. Step 3

      Alternatively use a pasta cutting attachment for the pasta machine. Flour the pasta well and place carefully on a tray.
    4. Step 4

      Let pasta dry until ready to use.
    5. Step 5

      Finely chop the shallots, cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Melt butter in a saucepan. Sauté shallots until translucent. Add mushrooms, whole clove of garlic and thyme and sweat.
    6. Step 6

      Deglaze with Marsala and let it boil away. Warm the chicken stock and pour in. Boil down the sauce over medium heat until 2/3 of the liquid has evaporated.
    7. Step 7

      Finally, add whipped cream and then add the truffle butter. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
    8. Step 8

      Remove garlic and thyme sprigs. Keep to one side for service.
    9. Step 9

      Cook pasta in boiling salted water. Strain the pasta and put it in a bowl, pour the hot truffle sauce over it.
    10. Step 10

      Grate the fresh truffle and parmesan over it. Serve immediately. Depending on your preference and the type of truffle available, different quantities can be used. In the case of (cheaper) summer truffles or pickled truffles, up to 100 g may be added to the cooking process.
    11. Step 11

      High-priced truffles such as Perigord (Tuber melanosporum) or white Alba (Tuber magnatum) are grated fresh over the pasta as desired.
    12. Step 12

      The truffle sauce is very easy to prepare in advance, can be kept in the fridge for several days and can also be frozen.
    13. Step 13

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