Recipe Tip: Risotto alla Milanese

Recipe Tip: Risotto alla Milanese

Top Recipe for 6 Persons. All ingredients and tips for getting it right. The Italian classic from Lombardy is creamy and aromatic



    1. Step 1

      Melt the bone marrow and skim off any impurities. Fry the finely chopped onions in a sauté pan with a little butter and the bone marrow.
    2. Step 2

      Add the rice and let it cook a little in the butter, stirring well all the time. Deglaze with the white wine and then add a little stock. Let the rice simmer and keep adding more stock, stirring frequently.
    3. Step 3

      Dissolve the saffron in a little stock and add to the risotto at about half the cooking time. When the rice is cooked (al dente), stir in the remaining butter and the parmesan, add salt if necessary. Let rest for a few minutes before serving.