Woo woo

Woo woo

Only four ingredients are needed to stir up this classic vodka cocktail. It's sweetness – which comes courtesy of peach schnapps and cranberry – is balanced nicely by tart, zingy lime
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    Put all of the ingredients into a chunky tumbler glass filled with ice and gently stir. Garnish with a lime wedge. How to make a woo woo Our drinks expert Hannah Guinness shares her at-home bar tips to help you take your woo woo to the next level. What is a woo woo? Fresh, fruit and easy drinking, this classic 80s vodka cocktail is made for summer sipping – preferably by the pool. Woo woo ingredients Use a good base – see our best vodkas to try – and use fresh, not-from-concentrate cranberry and lime juices. Bar hacks and garnishes Light and quaffable, woo woos are good for gatherings – try scaling up the quantities and turning into a party punch.