Make-Ahead Martini

Make-Ahead Martini

Daniel Osborne, the bar manager at Abigail Hall in Portland, Ore., can satisfy orders for gin and vodka martinis and rye and bourbon manhattans in an instant. Each drink is mixed in bulk, diluted and chilled well ahead of time. Advocates of this process say it results in not only quicker service but also a better, colder and more viscous drink. “Dilution and chill are main ingredients” in a martini, Mr. Osborne said. To find out for yourself, you need to plan only a day before cocktail hour. This recipe will yield two drinks. If you wish to have more ready in advance, simply double or triple the measurements.
  • Serves: 2 persons



  1. Step 1

    Combine the gin, distilled water and vermouth in a mixing glass. Using a funnel, transfer the mixture into a glass bottle. Seal the bottle and store in the freezer overnight.
  2. Step 2

    When mixture is fully chilled, pour 4 ounces into a chilled cocktail glass. (Because of the presence of water, there is a chance the cocktail will begin to solidify in the freezer. If the drink appears slightly slushy when you remove it from the freezer, give the bottle a slight shake and let it sit for a minute or so before pouring.) Garnish with lemon twist or olive.