Radicchio Salad With Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms and Barley

Radicchio Salad With Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms and Barley

A colorful grain salad is the perfect light meal. Here, barley adds heft and texture to a bitter leaf salad that’s balanced with a sweet-tart dressing. The sleeper hit of this recipe are the crispy shiitake mushrooms, which impart deep flavor in two ways: They are pan-seared, and the caramelization left in the pan adds extra umami to the dressing. For gluten-free diets, you could substitute buckwheat groats or brown rice in place of the pearled barley.
  • Total:
  • Serves: 4 persons



  1. Step 1

    Combine barley, onion, garlic and 1 tablespoon kosher salt in a large pot. Add enough water to cover the barley by about 2 inches. Bring to a boil over high, then lower heat to medium-low and simmer until the grains are plump and tender, about 40 minutes. Drain the mixture, and discard the onion and garlic.
  2. Step 2

    After barley has cooked about 30 minutes, prepare the mushrooms: Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium. Add mushrooms and cook, stirring frequently, until golden brown and the ends are starting to curl and crisp, 9 to 10 minutes. Using a pair of tongs or a slotted spoon, transfer the mushrooms to a paper towel-lined plate and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Step 3

    Return the skillet with the oil back to medium heat. Add the shallot and cook, stirring, until golden, 1 to 2 minutes; turn off the heat. While the oil is still hot, stir in balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Step 4

    On a platter, layer the radicchio with cooked barley and drizzle with balsamic vinegar dressing. Top with reserved mushrooms, parsley and dill before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature.