Crispy banana fritters (pisang goreng wijen)

Crispy banana fritters (pisang goreng wijen)

Treat the family to Indonesian-style banana fritters for dessert. They’re cooked using a batter that includes sesame seeds for added crunch
  • Preparation:
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  • Serves: 20 persons



  1. Step 1

    Pour the oil into a saucepan to a depth of 5cm and heat to 170C. (If you don’t have a temperature probe, see step 2.) Meanwhile, mix the batter ingredients with 200ml ice-cold water and ¼ tsp salt in a large bowl until fully combined.
  2. Step 2

    Check the oil is ready. If you don’t have a temperature probe, drop in a little batter – it should sizzle immediately. Dip a piece of banana into the batter. Gently lower into the oil and fry until crisp and golden brown, about 3 mins. Repeat with all the banana pieces and batter, regulating the oil temperature so that it doesn’t get too hot. Put the cooked fritters on a baking tray in a low oven to keep warm, then drain on a cooling rack over a baking tray lined with kitchen paper.