Midnight Fizz

Midnight Fizz

While a classic gin fizz uses lemon juice, the sweet acidity of lime in this variation skews it toward a (very) frothy gimlet. To ensure plenty of that froth, use a double shake to make the cocktail: first without ice to foam the egg white, then a second time with ice to chill and dilute the drink. Serve traditionally without ice in a small Collins or fizz glass, or go rogue and serve over a few cubes. Either way, as with all egg white drinks, drink with efficiency to capitalize on the drink’s froth and avoid its inevitable separation.
  • Serves: 1 person



  1. Step 1

    In a shaker, combine the gin, lime juice, simple syrup, orange liqueur and egg white. Cover and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Add ice to the shaker, cover again and shake vigorously until chilled and well frothed, about 10 to 15 seconds more. Double-strain into a small Collins or fizz glass without ice and top with soda water. Serve immediately.