Not Quite Picon Bière

Not Quite Picon Bière

Walk by any sidewalk bar or tabac in France, and the chalkboard menu is bound to include Picon Bière: a combination of Amer Picon — a sweetened, lightly bitter, burnt orange-flavored apéritif — and a long pour of light, often cheap beer. While Amer Picon is widely consumed all over France, the bottle is not available in the United States. Instead, approximate the French staple by combining a sweet, citrus-leaning amaro, orange liqueur, and a pilsner or light lager. Serve it in a Collins glass or build it directly in the beer bottle or can by taking a few big sips and pouring in the rest of the ingredients directly.
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  • Serves: 1 person



  1. Step 1

    In a Collins or highball glass, combine the amaro and orange liqueur. Top with chilled beer, stir gently, and finish with a citrus wedge.