Porto Cooler

Porto Cooler

The key to this citrus-forward nod to Portugal’s venerable porto tónicos lies in the citrus wheels that stack along the inside of the glass top to bottom. As aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, use any one citrus or mix of citrus, seeking out those with thin piths for glass-lining ease. Lime, lemon, orange, blood orange, mandarin, Meyer lemon, even kumquat are all excellent choices, depending on your personal preference and season. To keep the citrus rounds in place, use a wider-mouthed highball glass and alternate adding citrus and ice. Once the white port, vermouth, bitters, and tonic are added, the citrus will gradually impart its flavor into the cocktail as it sits, shifting the cooler's flavor as you drink.
  • Serves: 1 person



  1. Step 1

    In a wider-mouthed highball glass, tuck the citrus wheels around the sides of the glass, adding ice as you move up the glass. (The ice will help keep them in place.) Add the port, vermouth and bitters. Tuck a straw into the glass and top with tonic.