Amaro Spritz

Amaro Spritz

This simple recipe takes the 3-2-1 spritz formula to heart, relying on just three quality ingredients. Amari styles vary wildly in viscosity and flavor, from intensely bitter to lightly sweet and floral, which means different bottles match different moods. To make sure you’re always prepared, stock a few of the bitter liqueurs and start drinking. Current favorites include French China-China (spiced, earthy and orange-based), Sicilian Averna (sweet, citrusy), Californian Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro (juicy, floral) and Brooklyn-based Forthave Spirits Marseille Amaro (herbal, with warm spices). To these, add any hyper-regional bottles you’ve tucked into a suitcase. All spritz nicely, especially when paired with a lime wheel.
  • Serves: 1 person



  1. Step 1

    Fill a wine glass with ice, then add the amaro. Top with sparkling wine and soda water. Add the lime wheel directly into the spritz and enjoy immediately.