Gluten-Free Breakfast Bread

Gluten-Free Breakfast Bread

Our high protein, gluten-free breakfast bread recipe has a light, sweet flavor and soft texture and it's also dairy and soy-free.
  • Preparation:
  • Cooking:
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  • Serves: 10 persons



  1. Step 1

    Grease a bread loaf pan with butter. (We used an 8.5 x 4.5 loaf pan)
  2. Step 2

    Combine dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Use a large whisk to thoroughly blend.
  3. Step 3

    Lightly whisk egg yokes. Add olive oil to yolks and add to dry ingredients.
  4. Step 4

    Slowly add carbonated water to the bowl and mix until blended.
  5. Step 5

    Using an electric hand or stand mixer, beat bread batter on high for 4 minutes. Scrape batter down with a spatula and cover bowl with a damp towel or plastic wrap. Place in a warm location to rise for approximately 45 minutes.
  6. Step 6

    Preheat oven to 325 F.
  7. Step 7

    Stir down the batter and pour into prepared loaf pan. Dip a flexible spatula in water and use it to press the batter evenly into pan and smooth the top of the loaf.
  8. Step 8

    Set the loaf pan, uncovered in a warm, draft-free location to rise.
  9. Step 9

    When the batter is about 1 inch below the top rim of the bread pan, place it in preheated oven.
  10. Step 10

    Bake bread for 50 minutes or until internal temperature reads 200 F on an instant-read thermometer.
  11. Step 11

    Remove bread from loaf pan and cool on a rack before slicing. Reminder: Always make sure your work surfaces, utensils, pans, and tools are free of gluten. Always read product labels. Manufacturers can change product formulations without notice. When in doubt, do not buy or use a product before contacting the manufacturer for verification that the product is free of gluten.