Tequila Soleil

Tequila Soleil

Think of the Tequila Soleil as a Negroni (with tequila) meets a spritz (with beer) meets that wonderful feeling of relief only an ice cold drink on a hot summer afternoon can bring. The vermouth — use blanc if you have it, sweet red if you don’t — tempers the drink, but the key to a perfectly balanced Tequila Soleil lies in how you build it. Namely, you’ll want to add the ice last. This small switch in technique has a big impact, keeping the beer from deflating on impact and thus retaining a bubbly, refreshing vibe for much longer.
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  • Serves: 1 person



  1. Step 1

    In a Collins or wine glass, add the tequila, the liqueur and vermouth. Pour the beer over top to taste. (Start with 4 ounces for a stronger, more bitter drink, and add as needed, up to 6 ounces total, for a milder, hoppier drink.) Add ice, to taste, and serve.