Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms

These fun hors d’oeuvres turn humble mushrooms into rich, savory bites with the flavors of escargots, the classic French delicacy of snails cooked in garlic butter. Here, fragrant and buttery bread crumbs infused with garlic, shallots and parsley fill mushroom caps. The roasted cremini mushrooms emerge from the oven juicy, with a garlicky topping that’s golden and crispy. Make use of your trimmings: The mushroom stems can be frozen for later use in vegetable or chicken stock.
  • Total:
  • Serves: 4 persons



  1. Step 1

    Heat oven to 425 degrees. In a small bowl, combine butter, parsley, shallot and garlic; season with salt and pepper. Stir in bread crumbs until well combined.
  2. Step 2

    On a baking sheet, drizzle mushrooms with oil, season with salt and pepper, and toss to evenly coat. Arrange mushrooms cavity-side up and spoon a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of the bread crumb mixture into each.
  3. Step 3

    Bake until mushrooms are tender and bread crumbs are golden and crispy, about 15 minutes. Serve warm.